NEX Diamonds Laboratory Grown Diamonds

NEXdiamonds Laboratory grown diamonds are 100% Eco-friendly diamonds.

About our laboratory diamonds

Natural vrs Laboartory Created Diamonds

Why Laboratory Diamonds

All NEXdiamonds are type two diamonds the best and rarest of diamonds.  

Sizes from 0.30 carats to 5.00 carats available now, in most traditional shapes.  

All NEXdiamonds are top colours: D, E or F.  Clarity available  IF, VVS, VS, SI.   

Laboratory Grown Diamond

The Future Of Eco Diamonds

The Finest quality diamond crystals known to man are Type 2A diamonds. 

No nitrogen present in the carbon bond. And perfected in the laboratory by scientists. 

The Eco friendly processes identical to the natural process only produces equal or even surpass the natural Type 2A Diamond crystals. 

Protecting Nature

No lake draining, no explosives, no environmental damage use in our diamond jewellery

NEXdiamonds are 100% conflict-free laboratory diamonds .  

NEXdiamonds are 100% Eco-friendly diamonds, requiring less energy than mining the gold in your rings .