NEX Diamonds Laboratory Grown Diamonds

NEXdiamonds Laboratory grown diamonds are 100% Eco-friendly diamonds.

Birth of a Diamond

Polishing Rough DIamond

Man Made Diamonds also known as engineered or cultured  diamonds, are grown in a scientifically controlled laboratory environment using  advanced technological processes duplicating conditions thousands of kilometers below the surface of the earth. 

Rough Diamond Crystal

Laboratory Grown Rough Diamond

Natural diamonds develop in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust. 

Our Laboratory created diamonds which are 100% pure carbon atoms in the diamond crystal structure, are created in the same way using laboratory equipment. 

Laboratory Diamond Pruduction

Laboratory Diamond Production

 Our lab diamonds are grown from the tiny carbon seeds of per-existing  natural diamond. 

Advanced technology using either extreme pressure and heat or a  special deposition process replicates the natural method of diamond  formation.  

HTHP Laboratory Diamond

HPHT or High Pressure High Temperature method

Using one of three methods a Belt press, Cubic press and the Split-sphere or BARS press. 

Diamond seeds are placed at the bottom of the press.and heated above 1400 °C.

High purity carbon source is dissolved, which is then precipitated to the small diamond seeds and, forming a synthetic diamond crystal.

CVD Laboratory Diamond

Chemical Vapour Deposition

Chemical Vapour Deposition CVD diamond growth inside a vacuum chamber filled with a  carbon gas.

A source of microwave energy breaks down the gas molecules.

The carbon atoms are then attracted to flat diamond seed placed in the machine where the diamond begins to grow. 

Identifying Laboratory DIamonds

CVD and HTHP diamond identification

 Despite the difficulty in identifying these stones by conventional means,  

GIA researchers did find unique spectroscopic signatures. 

They did so by  subjecting photoluminescence and ultraviolet fluorescence reactions to  the DiamondView™. 

A sophisticated instrument used by gemological labs to detect synthetic diamonds.