NEX Diamonds Laboratory Grown Diamonds

NEXdiamonds Laboratory grown diamonds are 100% Eco-friendly diamonds.


Type 2A Diamond Crystal

High Pressure High Temperature

1. Spontaneous synthesis of single-crystal diamond and powders.

2. Controlled synthesis of single-crystal diamond on a seed.

3. Synthesis of polycrystalline diamond by sintering powders.

CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition

1. Synthesis of single-crystal diamonds on НРНТ or CVD substrates.

2. Synthesis of polycrystalline diamond on the substrate from other  crystalline materials 

HPHT and CVD Diamonds

HPHT  and CVD synthetic diamond are the most commonly used polished diamonds synthesis. 

We use  High Pressure – High Temperature specifically  controlled synthesis of single-crystal diamond on a seed. 

HPHT technology allows achieving large sizes and being superior to  Chemical Vapour Deposition  technology in higher clarity.

Due to innovations and unique  technology, the quality problems have been solved.

Making for a new era in the lab-grown diamond industry, where large and  absolutely clean single-crystal diamonds are possible diamond rings .